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Lynley Smith on Remote Sensing Infrastructure

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LS: Increasingly we are investing in remote sensing as a way of understanding the natural environment.  This is an increasing trend in environmental sciences.  AgResearch, GNS, Landcare Research and NIWA are all major users of remote sensing data and technologies for monitoring natural hazards and environmental changes, yet we have not coordinated our investments at [...]

Penny Carnaby on Data Preservation and the Lincoln Hub

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PC: When looking at developing a robust, enabling and joined up architecture support to the eResearch sector in NZ it is useful to look at three stands of investment: Connectivity/Content/Capability (we probably also need to add Continuity).  The focus of the government recently has been on the “connectivity “e.g. rollout of UFB, N4L, rather than [...]

John Hine and Shaun Hendy on Major Themes

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JH: As a dominating theme within research and infrastructure, “Collaboration” will gain increasing importance.  The challenge is how to form research foci within faculty and across research teams that can collaborate?  The international approach seems very organic while the government organised approach can be quite artificial.  In general, it is going to become harder to [...]

Richard Tilley on Shared Large Instruments

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RT: I have had a number of conversations with the former Research Infrastructure Advisory Group on formation of a National Centre for Microscopy  established and funded operationally as shared infrastructure in a similar fashion to NeSI.  We do need to keep fundamental skills and knowledge at a minimum level within institutions around the country, however [...]